MBBR Mixing for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors

Advanced MBBR mixing process to achieve 100%, uniform distribution of media with gentle non-shear & non-mechanical mixing process.

Pulsair Systems is the leading MBBR mixing provider of non-shear, energy efficient and low maintenance mixing process for uniformly mixing and agitation moving bed biofilm reactor carriers through reactor tank basins.  The Pulsair large bubble mixing process is a gentle non-shear and non-mechanical mixing process that allows the wastewater operator to enhance the treatment process.  By gently agitating the carriers in the wastewater with large compressed air bubbles, the operator can ensure that 100% of the liquid contents and MBBR media are uniformly and completely mixed at any liquid level in the reactor.   Unlike mechanical mixers that can shear and destroy the plastic carriers, Pulsair will not damage the media carriers in any way.

Pulsair large bubble mixing has been proven to not increase the dissolved oxygen levels in wasterwater tank basin and it will not entrain air in the reactor.  The non-shear mixing process has adjustable mixing speed and power settings allowing the operator to gently mixing high and low percentage fill-fractions.

The Pulsair large bubble mixer can be custom engineered to fit any size tank basin and will help ensure contact time between the nutrients and biofilm bacteria.  By mixing 100% of the liquids and plastic MBBR media, dead zones and short-circuiting is eliminated.  The non-clogging Pulsair tank mixing system is an ideal solution for keeping solids in suspension at any liquid level and helps the operator reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance and improve the wastewater treatment process.



Benefits of MBBR processes for wastewater treatment applications:

  • Improves Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) reduction
  • Enhances nitrification process by enabling the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria within the MBBR reactor basin
  • Improves total nitrogen removal in confined vessels through denitrifying bacteria populations and high-intensity nitrification



Benefits of Pulsair for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor MBBR Mixing:

  • Slow, gently mixing of plastic carriers with large compressed air bubbles
  • Easy-to-operate controls and SCADA/DCS compatible
  • More cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional mixers
  • Non-shear, non-mechanical mixing process
  • Fast mixing at any liquid level
  • Helps operators meet stringent environmental requirements
  • More energy efficient than conventional mechanical and jet mixers
  • Compatible with all types of biofilm MBBR carriers
  • Zero in-tank maintenance for in-tank components
  • Adjustable speed, power and mixing intensity to match fill fraction of media and the expected biofilm growth in the reactor tank
  • Prevents settling of any solids on the tank floor
  • Improves and enhances contact time between wastewater and carriers
  • Custom engineered to fit any size or geometrically shaped MBBR reactor basin
  • 35-years of proven mixing technology for any liquid in any size tank