Sludge Mixing

aerobic wastewater mixing system
200’x 75′ aerobic wastewater treatment mixing system – NY

Pulsair’s has the best sludge mixing solution to keep all types sludge mixing applications uniformly mixed and agitated.  The Pulsair mixing process promotes faster mixing using less energy than expensive mechanical mixers, pumps and jet mixers.  After the system is installed, there is zero in-tank maintenance associated with Pulsair.  The efficient mixing process keeps tank floors clean and scoured to properly to maintain a homogeneous and uniform distribution of high solids in the tank.

Activated Sludge Mixing Systems

Benefits of using Pulsair sludge mixing tanks:

  • Faster mixing than traditional methods
  • More energy efficient than mechanical, pump or jet mixing systems
  • Keeps high solids suspended and tank floors free of accumulated & settled sludge
  • Accelerates removal of phosphate and nutrients
  • Promotes aggressive & efficient ‘bottom-up’ vertical mixing
  • Works extremely well in large tanks
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Mix 100% of the tank with no baffles or dead zones
  • New & retrofit tanks – concrete or steel tanks
  • Mix at any liquid level for better tank utilization
  • Adjustable speed and power for maximum efficiency
  • Proven mixing technology with 30+ years of experience & thousands of installations
  • Custom engineered to fit any tank size, configuration or any number of tanks


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