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Wastewater Tank Mixers


Pulsair wastewater tank mixers is the world leader of large bubble, compressed air/gas mixing system for municipal and industrial wastewater mixers. The Pulsair efficient vertical mixing tank process is proven to mix all types of liquids including high viscosity and high percentage of solid liquids. Pulsair wastewater tank mixers are robust, powerful, energy efficient and require zero in-tank maintenance.  Pulsair tank mixing systems can be found in every phase of wastewater treatment processes and always mixes faster, more efficiently and with less main maintenance than mechanical mixers and jet mixing systems.

Pulsair’s sludge tank mixing systems 

Pulsair aeration mixing System – Greensboro


Agriculture Mixing Tank Equipments

Startup trouble shooting, Liquid Fertilizer Mixing Tank

Aerobic Tank – wastewater swing zone mixing solutions pulsed air.

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