Drinking Water Mixing Solution

Water Tank Mixer

Fast, low maintenance drinking water tank mixer solution on the market.
Water utilities mix their clear well contact chambers and water storage tanks for three main reasons:

  • Uniform water temperature
  • Uniform distribution of disinfectants
  • Uniform water age

drinking water tank mixer

Achieving all three of the above can be accomplished in minutes with the Pulsar drinking water tank mixers.  Uniform water age, temperature & distribution of chemical disinfectants help keep disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) to a minimum, reduce ice formation and helps to maintain freshness of water.  This fast, efficient potable water tank mixers works by pulsing in bursts of clean, filtered compressed air on the tank bottom.  The large rising bubbles mix the water in large drinking water storage tanks in minutes to achieve uniform temperature, uniform chemical distribution and uniform water age within minutes ( not days like the other mixers) .  No other drinking water mixer on the market today can offer this fast water mixing process that can be remotely controlled via SCADA or plant PLC and offer ZERO in-tank maintenance.   The wet, in-tank stainless steel bubble accumulator plate is NSF-61 certified for drinking water tank mixing solutions.

The Pulsair drinking potable water storage tank mixing system is best solution on the market and will fit any size drinking water storage tank.

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