Compressed Gas Mixing System

Gas Mixing Systems

Compressed gas mixing system is an efficient & low maintenance process for mixing liquids fast.

Pulsair Systems invented and patented what is known today in the market as “large bubble mixing” or “compressed gas mixing” in the 1980’s.  This fast, efficient mixing process works by sequentially injecting bursts of compressed pulsed air into the bottom of the tank through a series of non-moving round plates that are attached to the tank floor.  The burst of energy sweeps the tank floor to agitate then pull the solids and heavier slurry up to the The Pulsair large bubble mixing process is proven to work on heavy solid slurries, all wastewater mixing applications including activated sludge.  The compressed air mixer process keep settle solids suspended in the tank and keep 100% of the liquids in a uniform and homogeneous state.


compressed gas mixing systemsThe Pulsair mixing process is an ideal mixing process for mixing drinking water storage tanks, food & beverage blending, chemical blending and all types of liquid agitation.  Pulsair has mixing solutions for 55 gallon drum mixing, IBC container agitators, rail tank car mixers and solutions for any size tank regardless of the number of tanks, type of liquid or liquid material.  No other company has as much experience building customer compressed air mixers with thousands of installation worldwide that mix and blend liquids faster, more efficiently and with less maintenance than Pulsair.

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