200 Litre Drum Mixer

Best Drum Mixer Agitator

The 200 litre drum mixer agitator in the world is made by Pulsair Systems. Why?  The Pulsair 200 litre drum mixer (aka 5-55 Drum-Stick) only weights 3 lbs. / 1.36 kg.  The Pulsair drum mixer is a scaled down version of large tank mixing system that can mix high viscosity liquids, high solid liquids in tanks of any size or geometry.  The Pulsair 200 litre drum mixer work by sequentially injected burst of pulsed air through a stainless steel mixing probe on the bottom of the drum.  The 200 litre drum agitator can operate on compressed air, compressed nitrogen gas or CO2 gas.  No electricity is needed to operate this drum mixer other than to compress your air or gas.  It is safe to use in explosion proof environments and is very easy to use and operate.  This large bubble, compressed air mixing process was invented and patented by Pulsair in the 1980’s.  The company has thousands of customers around the world mixing, blending and agitating liquids faster, more efficiently and with less maintenance than mechanical impeller mixers.  Liquid in 200 litre drum can be mixed and agitated very quickly.  Pulsair ships products all over the world.  Pulsair offers sanitary food-grade 200 litre drum mixer for food and beverage mixing applications.

Pulsair also has lightweight mixing systems for IBC containers, tanks of any size, rail tank cars and more.  The Pulsair mixing process is used extensively in lubricant blending, chemical mixing, slurry & sludge agitation, wastewater and much more.  Pulsair mixing systems can operate in concrete tanks, steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, plastic tanks, fiberglass tanks and more.

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