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Industrial Food Mixing Equipment

Industrial Food Mixing Equipment
Wandering Bear cold brew coffee


Arguably the BEST cold brew coffee can be found right in the heart of New York has chossen the Pulsair’s Industrial Food Mixing Equipment.  Wandering Bear Coffee brews awesome cold coffee and it can be delivered to your office in a BOX!  How cool is that?  Not only does it taste great, we’re going out on a limb here and suggest that Pulsair might have something to do with it.

Similar to red wine fermentation, the solids will separate from the liquid during the fermentation or brew process.   In the case of red wine making, the CO2 pushes the red grapes skins to the top of the tank separating them from the clear juice that need contact time with the skins so the extraction of color, flavor and tannis can take place.  Pulsair make this process easier by pulsing bursts of compressed at the bottom of the tank and the rising air bubbles break up the wine cap and bring the juice up over the top.  This makes life easier for the winemaker and improves the extraction process so red winemakers around the world can make great wines.

With cold brew coffee, it’s just the opposite.  The coffee grounds sink to the bottom of the tank like beach sand and it just sits there for hours and hours and hours….  This is an easy fix if you have a Mason jar in the fridge but it’s a little tougher to shake up large 600 gallon tank. The Pulsair mixing process can help enhance this cold brewing extraction process by periodically agitating the coffee grounds to bring them up into the water and increase the contact time between the coffee grounds and the water.

Wandering Bear is run by a couple of very, very smart guys who are passionate about cold coffee brewing. We’d like to think that the non-shear, sanitary mixing process Pulsair provides play a small part of their great success.

Whether you are brewing cold coffee, tea, proof setting or just need to stir up a tank of separated food products, consider Pulsair for your food or beverage blending application.

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