BNR Upgrade Installation – Estes Park, CO

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wastewater tank mixer
Successful BNR Upgrade Installation – Estes Park, CO

Pulsair is pleased to announce a successful start-up of Pulsair’s wastewater tank mixer, compressed air mixing at the Estes Park, Colorado wastewater treatment plant.  The Pulsair wastewater tank mixing system was installed in the main 56′ x 56′ EQ basin to 

provide fast, uniform mixing to keep solids suspended in order to achieve the biological nutrient removal (BNR) requirements in the anoxic and anaerobic zones.  These zones require uniform distribution and suspension of solids in order to provide efficient wastewater treatment.  The Pulsair large bubble mixing technology was selected due to its lower energy consumption and zero in-tank maintenance compared with older, conventional mixing technology that are prone to frequent maintenance and consume more energy.  In addition to lowering energy consumption, the Pulsair mixing system cost less to purchase, install and will require lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the system.

large bubble wastewater tank mixer

“We are pleased to report another successful municipal wastewater mixing installation that reflects strong wastewater municipality demand for lower energy consumption mixing systems that require very little maintenance yet deliver powerful, uniform mixing results throughout the tank” said Dick Parks, Pulsair’s President.  “We continue to have great success in all phases of wastewater treatment mixing.  More and more engineering firms and wastewater treatment customers are considering Pulsair for their wastewater mixing applications.”

large bubble wastewater mixing system

“As the industry leader in large bubble, compressed air mixing technology, Pulsair continues to see growth in nearly every phase of wastewater treatment that require mixing,” said John Voorhies, Pulsair’s Director of Sales & Services.  “Thanks to the demand for large bubble mixing systems that lower the ownership costs, consume less energy and reduce maintenance, our installation base continues to grow and expand.”

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About Pulsair

Pulsair Systems revolutionized liquid mixing tank technology by inventing and patenting the large bubble, compressed air mixing process.  The process works by sequentially releasing large compressed air bubbles at the tank bottom.  This unique mixing technology exploits gravitational forces to generate a powerful mixing force in any size tank.  For over 30-years, Pulsair had designed and manufactured custom engineered mixing systems that mix liquids quickly, consume very little energy and reduce maintenance and ownership costs for customers around the world.

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