The McGregor Company uses Pulsair’s tank mixing technology

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The McGregor Company cuts seed treatment blending by 70-80% using Pulsair’s seed mixer technology.

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As the world leader in large bubble, compressed air mixing for liquids, Pulsair mixing tank systems is pleased to share the positive mixing results from one of the nations’ awarding winning seed treatment integrators and agriculture supply company’s ,The McGregor Company. In early 2015, McGregor purchased a Pulsair mixing tank system that was custom designed to fit their new seed mixer tank in Twin Falls, Idaho. After 18-months of successful blending of high viscosity liquid products, McGregor continues to see superior blending results compared to past results using mechanical impeller mixers.

“Our mixing time has been cut by 70-80 percent with the result of having more homogeneous blends in the end,” said Mike Erickson, McGregor’s Seed Treatment Specialist. “ The components of our seed treatment custom blends are clay/silica based suspension concentrates or flowables that have viscosities of 500 to 1500 cP. Typical custom blend mixing in our 300gal blend chamber once took 20-30 minutes but now take 5-8 minutes producing the best blends that we have ever made. To my knowledge there is not better technology for our customer blending needs. Trust me, we looked but didn’t find it. Pulsair is affordable, safe effective to use, and requires little energy input to operate.”

McGregor also uses Pulsair’s mixing technology in smaller shuttles, drums and totes to eliminate layering and separation of the individual blend components before they are added to the blending chamber. Custom blends that need specifications need homogeneous components in order to ensure a quality final blended product. The end result is increased crop yields and production for growers.

“We are excited to get positive feedback from customers like The McGregor Company who can now mix and blend heavy solid liquids faster using less energy,” said Dick Parks, Pulsair’s President. “It’s been our trademark benefit to customers for over the past 30 years. Mixing heavy liquids for primary blending or re-homogenizing separated or settled solids can be done quickly, using less energy and less maintenance compared to traditional mixing processes. We continue to see increased growth in the seed treatment blending market as well as in crop protection mixing and fertilizer blending. “

The Pulsair large bubble mixing process works by pulsing larges bursts of compressed air or gas at the tank bottom. The rising air bubbles create immediate vertical circulation in the tank pushing and pulling heavier liquids to the surface resulting in 100% of the tank’s contents being mixed. This innovative and powerful mixing technology can be designed and custom engineered to fit any size tank, drum or liquid vessel.

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About Pulsair Mixing Tank Systems
Pulsair mixing tank systems revolutionized liquid mixing technology by inventing and patenting the large bubble, compressed air mixing process. The process works by sequentially releasing large compressed air bubbles at the tank bottom. This unique mixing technology exploits gravitational forces to generate a powerful mixing force in any size tank. For over 30-years, Pulsair had designed and manufactured custom engineered mixing systems that mix liquids quickly, consume very little energy and reduce maintenance and ownership costs for customers around the world. 


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