Reduce Trihalomethanes (THMs) in Drinking Water Tanks by 50%

Large Water Tank Mixer

Reduce Trihalomethanes (THMs) in Drinking Water Tanks by 50% with a large water tank mixer.

large water tank mixer

THM removal in potable water storage tanks can be accomplished using Pulsair’s large bubble mixing process alone. East Allen Water Works in East Allen, LA were able to reduce their THM levels by 50% by using Pulsair alone – no other methods were used – no sprayers or chemicals.  East Allen has an elevated tank and a ground storage tank.   They installed the Pulsair mixing tank system in each tank after they experienced high THMs levels due to a required increase of chlorine levels in drinking water rule passed by the state of Louisiana’s Department of Health & Hospital.

The Pulsair mixing tank NSF process works by pulsing in large bursts of pure, filtered  compressed air into the water tank.  The compressed air comes from a 100% oilless air compressor – same type you’d find in a hospital.  The rising bubbles mix and blend the water faster and more efficiently than small electric submersible motors that typically only last a few years anyhow.  The result is drinking water that has a uniform temperature, uniform distribution of disinfectants and uniform water age throughout the tank.  The rising bubble help bring more water to the surface to help release and expel the TMS and HAA compounds into the atmosphere.

Customer love the Pulsair mixing tank systems because there are ZERO moving parts inside the tank and the NSF stainless plate from which the air pulses are released has a 20-year in-tank warranty. The active large water tank mixer has been shown to improve public drinking water supplies.

The equipment outside the tank needs very little maintenance if any at all – check the air filters once a year.

Benefits of Pulsair's Large Water Tank Mixer

1. Mixes large water tanks quickly using less energy than conventional methods
2. Improves water quality by keeping new and old water properly mixed quickly and efficiently
3. Faster mixing than other water tank mixing at any liquid level
4. Absolutely ZERO in-tank maintenance with Pulsair
5. Less energy consumption with adjustable mixing settings – does not need to run 24/7
6. Custom designed to fit any type water storage tank – ground, standpipe, elevated, ellipsoidal, spheroid, hydrosphere, pedestal
7. Active mixing has been proven to reduce thermal stratification, thermoclines formation, reduce nitrification levels, THM and ice formation.

If you are looking to invest in a low maintenance water tank mixing system and don’t want to put in a new cheap electric motor kind you’ll be replacing every 3-5 years,
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