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agitator tanksToday, Pulsair agitator tanks is releasing our new website to help users quickly get the information about Pulsair mixing tank system .


Pulsair offers a complete line of agitator tanks  for powerful liquid mixing, agitation and blending in any size tank. This efficient, large bubble mixing tank process allows liquids to be quickly mixed and blended faster. Pulsair’s Mixing tank systems use less energy and maintenance compared to conventional mixing tank methods. This revolutionary, non-shear tank mixing process is excellent for primary liquid blending, re-suspending settled solids or re-blending separated liquids and keeping the tank fully mixed and blended. Large air/gas bubbles are sequentially released at strategic points at the bottom of the tank creating a vertical mixing pattern that involves 100% of the liquid. The large bubbles quickly rise to the surface creating immediate vertical circulation, stirring the tank from the bottom up.

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